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DataWiz is a free open-science assistance system that helps scientists to professionally prepare and document research data from the very beginning of the research process.

Experience has shown that data management is most efficient when it is implemented early and is continued simultaneously within the research process. DataWiz supports you before the project starts, during the project and also when the project is finished and you have to decide if and how data should be shared. The tool helps you to create data management plans and to manage and document your own research data and thus has a direct benefit for you as a researcher. At the same time, a high quality of metadata is achieved through the use of standardized input fields for documentation, which means a considerable reduction of work for data repositories. DataWiz can also be used for collaborative work. Data can be shared within the team and specific access rights ensure an adequate handling of the data. The optimal, but not obligatory, goal of using DataWiz is to make the data available to the psychological community for reuse and thus to drive open-science practices in psychology.

Associated with DataWiz you will find a knowledge base (available through that provides context-sensitive information on data management in the research process. Through links to DataWiz, the knowledge base offers an optimal supplement for using the assistance system. In addition to this accompanying information, the knowledge base also provides an overview of various additional tools and resources as well as a user guide that supports you in using DataWiz.

All DataWiz functions at a glance:

  • Organization and documentation of research projects and related studies
  • Managing and documenting your own research data
  • Creation of data management plans, adapted to the requirements of different funding agencies (BMBF, Horizon2020, DFG)
  • Export of the entire project or individual studies possible
  • Export of study documentation in accordance with the requirements for pre-registration or archiving in PsychData
  • Import and export of records
  • Collaborative work including specific assignment of access rights
  • Project Overview
    Click here to access the DataWiz project overview. After logging in, you can continue working on an existing project or create a new project.
  • User Guide
    The user guide supports you in using DataWiz.
  • Knowledge Base
    Here you can access the knowledge base, which can be used in combination with DataWiz or independently. Please note that the information is constantly extended and updated.
  • DataWiz GitHub Repository
    Here you can access the DataWiz source code, which is freely available for inspection or own use/extension (in progress).

Contact person

Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information
Universitätsring 15,
54296 Trier

PD Dr. Erich Weichselgartner
Head of archiving and publication services
+49 (0) 651 201-2056

M.Sc. Ronny Bölter
+49 (0) 651 201-2045